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Robert’s Friends and Partners

Robert’s Friends and Partners

Here are all our partners and friends. Make a visit and get extra info on growing!


Dealzer’s goal is to provide the best and cheapest grow boxes around the world. They take pride in the service they give from start to finish of the ordering process which resulted to numerous satisfied and happy customers. Checkout their Cash Crop Box. It’s plug and play!


GrassCity could be the world’s best headshop. Launched in Amsterdam in the year 2000, Grasscity offers you the coolest new smoking accessories. With a US based distribution centre and over 15 years of experience, you cannot go wrong with a visit to GrassCity.

The Weed Blog

The Weed Blog is a great source of information regarding marijuana and any topic related to this weed. TWB aims to be of great help by providing possible solutions in the future.

The Nug

TheNug provides the greatest and latest updates in Cannabis-related products and services. It’s hottest photos and videos are contributed by a numerous and faithful community of “Nug” enthusiasts.


Hempyreum Cannabis News provides updates about marijuana, cannabis, and hemp around the world. It talks about Legalization, Medicinal, Protest, Recreation and many more.

Master Bong

Master Bong 420 is the McGyver of Pot. He used his Vlog as a venue for millions of marijuana users to express their thoughts, connect with one another and share their experiences.

Headshop Your one-stop-shop for smoking accessoiries, vaporizers, grinders, pipes and more. If you are looking for a hemp bag, stash box or hookah shisha, headshop could be your place to be.

The Last American Vagabond

The Last American Vagabond was created as a venue to allow an exchange of information of ideas and views on important and relevant topics that will bring realization to every American.

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