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I don’t know how to grow Marijuana. Now what?

We help you. Our free Grow Bible has step by step instuctions on how to grow cannabis. How to plant the seeds, how to grow the plants and how to harvest the buds. Also, our forum is there for any questions as well. We try to answer anything within one day. Next, you can send as an email with your questions or growing problems. We will help out any way we can. Whatever problem you have, we have seen it before!

What if my seeds won’t germinate? / What does 100% germination guarantee mean?

Seeds always germinate. That is what they are good at. However, we will send a replacement of marijuana seeds to customers who followed the germination instructions on our website but did not obtain germination. Normally all our marijuana seeds germinate, but bad storage or transport issues like rapid gaps in air temperature and pressure due to airmail could in rare cases damage the viability of our marijuana seeds.

What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor marijuana seeds?

Indoor marijuana seeds Our indoor marijuana seeds are selected from relevant strains, to insure high yields consistent with indoor growing. Even though most seeds can be used indoors and outdoors, indoor seeds produce plants better suitable for cultivation indoors or in controlled environments. All our indoor marijuana seeds are also produced indoors. By growing indoors, you can plant crops all year round and also minimize the chances of law enforcement or curious people finding out about your crop. Modern and better cultivation equipment, when used properly, can help minimize odors and help to correctly dose air, water, light and temperature. For more information on the correct doses, please visit our grow guides. Outdoor marijuana seeds Outdoor marijuana seeds are also suitable for growing indoors, though they tend to grow bigger than specially selected indoor strains. Outdoor cultivation is the natural way for marijuana plants to grow, thus leaving nature to do most of the hard work. Which strain thrives best outdoors, depends on what climate they are cultivated in. Not all strains thrive well in cold climates where sun hours are limited, especially during fall and winter. All our outdoor marijuana seeds are produced outdoors under various controlled environments so they are used to the climate. For more information on outdoor growing, please visit our grow guides.

What are feminized marijuana seeds?

Seeds that grow female plants. Females plants grow buds (the marijuana flower), males don’t. It is the buds you want to smoke. Our standard seeds can grow males as well. Males do not grow flowers. This is why we recommend feminized seeds. They only grow female marijuana plants. This is the short explanation. Reality is a lot more complex. Interested? Find out about intersexuality, hermaphrodites and sex-changing in the world of marijuana plants

What are autoflowering marijuana  seeds?

Autoflowering marijuana seeds or plants remain relatively small and are well suited for growing both indoors and outdoors. These marijuana plants are capable of flowering without the need for daylight hour reduction or a change of season. The whole cycle takes up to 10 weeks at most. Males flower after about 17 days and females flower at about 20 days. Though most auto flower strains remain relatively small there are also strains that can grow up to 4 feet or 1.20 meters. Auto flower marijuana seeds are available as femized marijuana strains. Give the plant growth formula for the first 2 to 3 weeks then switch to bloom formula.

Autoflower features

  • On average 12-23 inches or 30-60 cm high
  • Suitable for growing indoors and outdoors
  • Automatically flowers after about 3 weeks
  • An average cycle of 8-9 weeks- from marijuana seed to harvest
  • No need to change daylight hours to induce flowering
  • No need to separate vegetative and flowering rooms

What’s the difference between Indica and Sativa marijuana strains?

There are two main species of marijuana, Sativa and Indica, and hybrids of the two are very abundant. Each variety, whether pure or a hybrid, has a different effect (high) and plant structure.

Good sativas give a “working weed”: a powerful, uplifting, energized effect that helps you keep alert and find the energy that you are lacking. The high tends to be more cerebral than a strong body buzz, which can leave you with little energy.  Sativas are often taller plants with thinner stalks, which are very easy to stretch while in the garden. To tell if you have a sativa, look at the fan leaves on the plants; the skinnier the fan leaf fingers, the more sativa is in your plant.

Indicas are the opposite of sativas, and for most people, carry more medicinal properties. An indica stone has a very strong full-body effect, which relieves severe body pain. A good indica will have an overwhelming effect on your body, sometimes leaving you unable to move from the couch (known as “couch-lock”). If you have work to do, it’s better not use a strong indica strain, but if you are sick and in a lot of pain, a good indica will take care of your problems and give you a good chance of having a normal day. On the street, indicas are better sellers because of their overwhelming effects.

To find out if your marijuana plant is an indica, check the fingers of your fan leaves: they will be wide and fat. The wider the fingers, the more indica is in the plant. Indicas in most cases also will be a bushier, shorter style of plant with a thicker stalk.


A hybrid is basically what you get when you cross a sativa with an indica, or vice versa. Depending onthe genes of the strain, your plant will have a certain percentage of sativa and a certain percentage ofindica. This is what makes the different strains unique, as each has its own special mixof medicinal properties. To tell how much sativa and indica is in your plants, again, look at the fingers ofyour fan leaves: if the fingers are a little skinnier than a normal leaf, then you have what we call “mostlysativa”; if your fingers are fatter than a normal leaf, then you have what we call “mostly indica.”

What the best way to store marijuana seeds

Marijuana seeds should always be kept in a dry, cool (close to 39ºF or 4º C) and dark place. A refrigerator is a good place to store marijuana seeds, preferably inside something like a film canister, to avoid any light and moisture condensation. If you don’t have a fridge available, the back of a closet is also fine, as long as your marijuana seeds are not exposed to any moisture, heat or excesses of light.

How long do marijuana seeds last?

If stored correctly, our marijuana seeds should have a lifespan of at least three years. This is certainly not to say that after three years all your marijuana seeds will be dead, but beyond the three-year mark, their germination rate will begin to decline and time will have its effect on the quality of the marijuana seeds.

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