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Disclaimer specializes in marijuana seeds (for medical use) trade. Visitors and customers of are encouraged to read any and all information available about Marijuana to develop a complete background on the subject and applicable laws. All information provided on website is intended for entertainment, medicinal and educational purposes only.

All visitors and/ or customers of the website, irrespective of their purpose, agree to abide by the rules set out below:

  • Visitors and/ or customers of are 18 years of age or older.
  • Visitors and/ or customers of will distribute no Marijuana seeds to countries where possession and/ or trade in marijuana (seeds) is illegal.
  • Visitors and/ or customers of will not germinate Marijuana seeds if international, Federal, State and/or local laws prohibit germination or growing of Marijuana seeds.
  • Visitors and/ or customers of will use products for their intended purposes only.
  • Visitors and/ or customers of waive the right to hold liable for the misuse of any products in any way.
  • Visitors and/ or customers of live in a country where it is legal to view information about cannabis.
  • Visitors and/ or customers of will not use the information provided on this website for any non-medicinal or non-educational purposes.


Importing, stocking and supplying marijuana seeds is free from regulation under the 1961 United Nations Single Convention on narcotic drugs and affiliated international treaties. The trade of marijuana seeds in the Netherlands is incorporated in the national Opium or Narcotics Act legislation. This may also apply to some other countries. In some countries, marijuana seeds trading does not require a permit. Nevertheless, when Marijuana seeds are imported or exported for industrial, medical or agricultural purposes, a notification requirement might still be obligatory. Be sure to inform and/ or authorities if a notification requirement is necessary. Several countries prohibit the use and growing of marijuana but in some cases exemptions are available for industrial, medical and/ or agricultural purposes.

NOTE: Regulations differ from country to country. Therefore, we strongly advise visitors and customers of to inquire into international, Federal, State and/or local laws to which they are subject. Visitors and customers of are solely responsible for their own actions. will therefore accept no responsibility in this respect and does not accept any product liability. does not interfere with the legislation of any country and only ships Marijuana seeds on condition that they are solely used according to international, Federal, State and/or local law. does not cooperate in any acts by others that are in conflict with the law.

Unless mentioned otherwise, all information on this website is owned by Text, lay-out, illustrations, scripts, articles and other items on this website are protected by copyright. We have securely attempted to contact and seek permission from all owners of images and other material used on this website. Nonetheless, If you detect material for which you can prove you are the legal owner, and wish this material to be removed, please contact us at [email protected]

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